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Then a man wielding a sword. Celebrate this Century - What do you appreciate most about living today? Celebrate this Century Earlier this month I asked my newsletter subscribers what they appreciated most about living in this century.

I gave them five possible options and they could also click on Other and send me a comment. Audrey is walking home through gloomy streets during a break in the thunderstorms. Thirteen-year old Alfred, one of her servants, is with her. I have skipped to the next chapter after Audrey has returned to her house and cloth shop in Redding.

Here is an action scene!

Worlds Apart

Audrey has just paid the fees for. These stories run the gamut from fantasy, science fantasy and superheroes to SciFi adventure and romance. It is still a struggle to find time to write because I have a family and a full-time job. I write science fiction and fantasy adventures entwined with roman. Read the First Chapter of Trapped on Vkani. Marooned on a desolate planet, joining forces with the enemy is their only hope for escape.

Maya Pandita spent years preparing for an expedition to the Deadlands. But her dreams of unearthing ancient artifacts are shattered when her shuttle is buried by a violent sandstorm, and her team is abducted by the scaled inhabitants of the planet. Maya and her companions must try to outwit their blue captor and call for help before they die in the. Atrapako on Eden - Characters. A simple hop across hyperspace turns deadly, smashing hopes for a human-Warrish alliance Nikki and Kiron Ramis Bell, the unique Warrish-human duad, are studying the marine life of Rishalt when they are summoned for an audience with the Prime.

Tol-Jadel sets them the task of investigating a hyperspace perturbation near Jupiter. This anomaly threatens to sever the routes connecting Earth and Rishalt. They must return to the ocean of Europa to identity the cause of the disruption. But, tensio. Background to my new Series, Taxyon Space. Early in , I decided to start a new series of science fiction stories.

I planned to begin the stories in the near future of our solar system, and gradually advance outward into the galaxy. The overarching theme is how humans acquired the technology for space travel and their interacti. The concept for the first book entered my imagination thirty years ago, although Grand Master's Pawn was only completed and published in Being frugal, my initial idea was to combine several short stories into a full-length novel.

The organizing theme. My Secret Supers Series has an unusual cast of characters - regular college kids, Earth aliens with superpowers and quirky animals, and vicious villains. You may wonder how I came up with the idea for these stories. Several lines of thought led to this story and its sequels.

People say you should write what you know. So the main characters are st. Its 12th floor cafeteria is the site of several scenes, including an attempt to kill the heroine. The real cafeteria. When she wakes on the submarine Station, nobody believes her story. Convinced the mysterious stranger saved her life, Nikki searches for him while she explores the ocean and. Daredevil scientist and scarred alien forge a perilous alliance in the seas of Europa. Convinced the mysterious stranger saved her life, Nikki searches for him while she explores.

Lucy Stannis leads a quiet life as the chief biologist in the remote human colony on Eden until an alien spaceship arrives. She is thrilled to meet the captain, the formidable Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. But, the arrogant scaled Atrapako disdain the puny humans.

Conflicts between the cultures threaten the whole planet as we. Excerpt from Cosmic Wars. Violet and Athanor Griffin reunite with their baby son after escaping from the world beyond the fiery Cosmic Rift, but they find no respite from troubles. The Grand Masters have declared Athanor dead, and are squabbling to replace him as Chair of the Council. Hordes of bloodsucking Ixioth slavers threaten galactic civilization, and a new. The Grand Masters have declared Athanor dead, and are squabblng to replace him as Chair of the Council. Hordes of bloodsucking Ixioth slavers threaten galactic civilization, and a new enemy ha.

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Superheroes with quirky animal sidekicks tackle murderous villains in three fun adventures with a dash of romance. Rishalt, Book 2 of Taxyon Space.

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

Taxyon Space has two Books! Two lovers torn apart.

Worlds Apart: BLOOPERS (Minecraft Animation)

Can they spin the hyperthreads to unity. Nikki Bell is devastated when the Watchers reappear without her alien lover.

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