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It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to Christmas. See more. One Starry Night: with audio recording. Lauren Thompson. One starry night, a cow watches over her calf, a nanny goat watches over her kid, and a pig watches over her piglet.

For this one moment, every family in the animal kingdom is peaceful, just like Mary and Joseph watching over their own newborn nearby. This simple yet profound book perfectly captures the universal nighttime vigil of parents everywhere while gently alluding to the presence of a nurturing creator who watches over all of us.

House That Santa Built, The. Dianne de Las Casas. Young readers can get in on the act thanks to sound prompts such as "squeak," "stomp," and "jingle.

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Natasha Wing. It's December 23, and Christmas is just around the corner. But one family is having trouble getting its act together. Once again, Natasha Wing follows the rhythms and meter of Clement Moore's classic Christmas poem, yet gives it her own entirely original twist. Albert's Christmas: with audio recording.

Leslie Tryon.

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It is Christmastime in Pleasant Valley, and who better than Albert to usher in the season? The familiar Pleasant Valley crew returns for another fun-filled adventure, as Albert lets them in on a big secret. During his travels, Santa has to make pit stops, and Albert's team is on call for the job. The clock is ticking down to Christmas and there's so much to be done!

The reindeer need feeding, Santa's sleeve needs mending, and the sleigh's windshield needs squeegeeing before they're down to five seconds, and all systems are go. The paintings were rendered in tempera and acrylic to create a vibrant story that describes a little boy's journey to see the newborn King. This young sheepherder and carpenter helped to build a stable then invited Mary and Joseph a place to stay the night of the Census. Poetry is a great way to tell a story. It's beauty blends well with the bright colors.

Children and adults will be charmed by The art of poetry and the art of painting explode in this new Christmas story about the birth of Jesus. Children and adults will be charmed by this story. Reviewed from a library copy. Nov 01, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: The story of Mary and Joseph traveling far and wide in search of shelter on Christmas Eve night is a familiar one, but this poem fills in a few more details about that night.

Told through the eyes of a child, readers find out who built the stable and how one act of kindess changed the world. Illustrations are in tempera and acrylic and brightly colored.

A good read aloud, especially for Christmas. Nov 21, Olivia rated it liked it Shelves: This book talks about the birth of Jesus in smooth prose and vibrant illustrations. I believe it would be another good introductory book for young children about the story of Jesus, just don't expect a snow white baby Jesus here.

Feb 25, Dolores Colarosa rated it really liked it Shelves: I would prefer not to carry as little as possible and to remain on a limited budget. Is this too limiting to get improvment on audio quality on my camera recording? I was thinking about purchasing a DR for example and record audio either from my seat or near one of the speakers.

Would this be a good solution? Could you suggest a better one? You may also consider miking your daughter with a wireless lavalier for these performances. I'm not a professional videomaker but I search good image quality and now good-excellent audio too I' ll just be using two professional cardioid XLR battery powered mics, for now, and later, a lavalier when I need it. It seems a step up from the. H4n Pro 4-Channel Handy Recorder.

Not really a step-up, but it does sounds like a plan, Jerry. There would be no high resolution recording! Please e-mail us all the details of your set-up along with make and model numbers of your camera, microphones, and recorders, and what you will be recording. We will be happy to offer you some guidance to get you pointed in the right direction.

I really liked your article, however, I still have a question. I now have a dual recording system, but I'm having problems synchronizing my audio with the video. I've tried the free trial of Plural Eyes, but I'm having problems with the synchronization. Any help would be welcome. Please send us an e-mail describing your specific issues with synchronizing with Plural Eyes software:. Sam, This is one of the most lucid descriptions of "how to" for sound I have ever read. Really helpful article to pass on to my less-versed colleagues.

Thanks for this clear and informative article. It is of course less stable then a boom mic on a dolly, but also far less expensive. Just be sure to balance and secure the combination safely. This article on audio recording was very informative and easy to understand. Sound recording is often overlooked and adds a professional quality to any producrion.

I want to record bird and nature sounds. I picked up the H5 and it works great but I want to get more out of it. I am thinking a shotgun mic would be helpfull. Also adding a dome would add a more percise directional use. Can you provide any recomandations here. I strongly recommend exploring the Zoom H5 thoroughly in the field and actually record with it befoer purchasing additonal components. A parabolic dish and shotgun microphone can be useful tools but can also prove to be difficult to use in a field situation.

The capsule includes a super-directional microphone for picking up sound on center that can be combined with a bidirectional side microphone for picking up sound from the left or right to record a fully mono-compatible stereo image for film, video, and television projects. For example, you can record dialogue with the center microphone and then mix the desired amount of environmental sound captured by the side microphone with the Zoom recorder.

A hairy windscreen is included for helping reduce wind noise.


Comparison of analog and digital recording - Wikipedia

To accommodate varying acoustic environments, the user may select between a "wide" pattern LR-W with increased ambient pickup, and a "narrow" pattern LR-N which offers more rejection and less ambience. This allows the Mid-Side balance to be adjusted as desired at the recording desk or mixing electronics, reducing the amount of equipment necessary in the field. It has 2 comfortable grips on either side of the dish making it easy to hand hold and aim. The isolated microphone mount accepts most handheld or shotgun microphones available separately , giving you complete control over the audio you are expecting.

It will even accept a different mount if you prefer. The microphone is aimed to the rear center of the dish where the audio is concentrated and directed into the microphone's element. Sampling the waveform at higher frequencies and allowing for a greater number of bits per sample allows noise and distortion to be reduced further.

With any of these sampling rates, signal information is captured above what is generally considered to be the human hearing range. Work done in by Muraoka et al. This demonstrates that presence or absence of ultrasonic content does not explain aural variation between sample rates. He posits that variation is due largely to performance of the band-limiting filters in converters. These results suggest that the main benefit to using higher sample rates is that it pushes consequential phase distortion from the band-limiting filters out of the audible range and that, under ideal conditions, higher sample rates may not be necessary.

A signal is recorded digitally by an analog-to-digital converter , which measures the amplitude of an analog signal at regular intervals specified by the sampling rate, and then stores these sampled numbers in computer hardware. The fundamental problem with numbers on computers is that the range of values that can be represented is finite, which means that during sampling, the amplitude of the audio signal must be rounded to the nearest representation.

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This process is called quantization, and these small errors in the measurements are manifested aurally as low level noise or distortion. This form of distortion, sometimes called granular or quantization distortion, has been pointed to as a fault of some digital systems and recordings particularly some early digital recordings, where the digital release was said to be inferior to the analog version. The range of possible values that can be represented numerically by a sample is determined by the number of binary digits used.

This is called the resolution, and is usually referred to as the bit depth in the context of PCM audio. The quantization noise level is directly determined by this number, decreasing exponentially linearly in dB units as the resolution increases.

With an adequate bit depth, random noise from other sources will dominate and completely mask the quantization noise. Analog systems do not necessarily have discrete digital levels in which the signal is encoded. Consequently, the original signal can be preserved to an accuracy limited only by the intrinsic noise-floor and maximum signal level of the media and the playback equipment, i. Since analog media is composed of molecules , the smallest microscopic structure represents the smallest quantization unit of the recorded signal.

Natural dithering processes, like random thermal movements of molecules, the nonzero size of the reading instrument, and other averaging effects, make the practical limit larger than that of the smallest molecular structural feature.

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A theoretical LP composed of perfect diamond, with a groove size of 8 micron and feature size of 0.