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In this play, Hamlet expresses:. Could this be the source of the Witching Time Hour?

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Hamlet was written over years ago. In this play, Shakespeare cited the Hour- not explained. There must be an earlier reference. In one of the best paranormal reference books available, The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft , Rosemary Ellen Guiley gives one of the most complete definitions of the Witching hour:.

The roots of this notion go back to ancient times, to the worship of goddesses associated with the Moon, fertility, and witchcraft. In my opinion, the goddess Selene seems to be the most likely candidate. She is one of three faces of the triple goddess who is seen in the waxing and waning moon. The powers of the moon goddess Selene are at their fullest during the full and dark of the moon, which were times of the monthly cycle sacred to her worship.

How ancient are the Greek gods? It is believed that the myths were heavily influenced by the Mycenaean culture that existed in Greece between and BC.


This is a little more than 3, years ago. Associating the Greek goddess Selene and the Witching Hour seem to make sense.

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The moon has been worshiped for centuries. It seems that the full moon would have the highest impact to the people on the Earth. Therefore, it makes sense that the Witching Hour would only be on nights with a full moon.

We now have the goddess, what about the midnight reference? Midnight, after all, is 12 am. Well, no.

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How did the ancient people know when midnight was? We can track time keeping back to the Egyptians at around BC.

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However, it was not until around BC that man discovered a method to tell the time in the dark- since all other time keeping methods used the sun as a reference, i. Obelisk, sun dial, etc, this nighttime device used the stars.

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Wow, that is about words to explain the true meaning and source of the Witching Hour. Explain to them that there is no specific time midnight changes every night and it must take place on the night of a full moon. If they want to debate the specific time of being exactly 12 am, just ask them which midnight. What do I mean about which 12 am?

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Remind them of time zones and Daylight Savings time. For reference, there are at least 31 time zones.

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