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The National Park Service announced Monday that more than 70 percent of the Yoshino cherry tree blossoms are open. Cherry blossoms typically reach peak bloom during the last week of March or first week of April and draw up to 1.

  • D.C.’s cherry blossoms just hit peak. Here’s where to go and see them - Los Angeles Times.
  • Cherry Blossoms in Japan FAQ: Insider Guide to Japan's Most Famous Flower!.
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  • D.C.’s cherry blossoms just hit peak. Here’s where to go and see them.
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Crowds of blossom fans descended on the Tidal Basin to enjoy the blossoms, even amid chilly and windy weather. The cherry blossoms in Washington, D. News4's Aimee Cho reports from one of the prime viewing spots, the Tidal Basin. How long will the bloom period last? The NPS says you can get a gorgeous view for the next days, depending on temperature and wind. Cool, calm weather can make a tree's blooming period last longer, but a blast of wind and rain could bring a quick end to the blossoms, the National Park Service says.

Here's the peak bloom forecast.


Privacy policy More Newsletters. His fascination with their blooms soon led him to believe he could make his mark in the scientific world by studying the hundreds of flowering cherry cultivars developed over a millennium in Japan. When he arrived in Japan in , he hunted for wild cherries all over the country on foot, horseback, and even from the sea, using binoculars to spot prime specimens.

Throughout his travels, he became convinced that Japan was in danger of losing its multitude of cherry varieties, through modernization, development, and neglect, and he went on to evangelize for the wondrous diversity of flowering cherries in Japan, and back home in the western world. Our famous blooms, they have an interesting and little known backstory too. Listen to this.

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  4. Japan sent the first shipment of 2, cherry trees to the US in as a sign of gratitude to America. Now a second shipment of saplings destined for New York, that sank on the steamer en route. And boy, did he have opinions about cherry varieties. I want to introduce the author. We have an excerpt up on our website, and we have some interesting cherry photos for you at sciencefriday. Naoko, welcome to Science Friday. Because our listeners are going to want to know that. But Abe is a very common name in Japan. You write that his first scientific endeavor was ornithology, studying birds.

    He was a true naturalist, and so he was very much interested in nature.

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    He grew up in the nature. And he never went to school. But it was the First World War that he went, which changed his views on life. So he saw lots of deaths, and it really changed his views on life. So when he came back to England from the war, he wanted something new. He wanted to start— he was having kind of a crisis, mid-life crisis. And also he was tired of ornithology. He thought there were too many ornithologists. And so he bought a new house, with his wife and four children, to live in, in Kent, big house.

    Cherry blossom

    It was in They were not popular in Europe at all. So anyway, those two big cherry trees caught his attention, and then in the following spring, they were smothered with pink blossoms which were really beautiful. So he thought he could be an expert. So he starts collecting different varieties of cherry blossoms. So within six years, he had a massive cherry orchard in his garden.

    Take In the Scene of Washington’s Cherry Blossoms at Peak Bloom

    He collected them and then planted them in his garden, and created a beautiful— and within six years, he was a cherry expert, sort of. And he was a believer of diversity and varieties, so it was very important for him to have as many varieties of cherry trees as possible, which he did collect. And the third trip, which is , he dedicated that trip to collecting rare varieties of cherry blossoms.

    Because he collected as many cherry varieties as possible based in Kent, in England.

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    I mean, like the Kanzan for example, which he thought was obscene. He thought it was too showy, and he called it like a prostitute. He thought it was two blowzy. And he preferred simple, single petal cherries, like mountain cherry—. And so he disliked Kanzan. But he loved many other varieties. And he was talking to them, and he was really loving each variety. He was often asked by other people or by media to write about cherries, and which varieties do you like best? And he gave them a warning, right? He had high hopes in his cherry hunting trip. But as soon as he got to Japan, he was deeply disappointed, because he found out that at that time, especially at Tokyo and Yokohama area, Kanto area, was trying to recover from the Great Kanto Earthquake, which destroyed everything in that area.

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    And so all he saw was a huge Western building, concrete buildings, and there was no nature. He loves nature.