Santas Gift: A Mini-Memoir

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When Ravelstein asks Chick to write his biography, he reluctantly agrees to play Boswell to his friend's Johnson. In light of recent developments, this exchange now reads like a pre-emptive answer to critics who have assailed Mr. The official cause, given in obituaries, was internal bleeding and liver failure.

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Ravelstein is always chiding the brooding Chick ''to get away from the private life, to take an interest in 'public life, in politics,' '' and the relationship between the two men in many ways embodies the dynamic that has animated Mr. Bellow's work from the beginning -- namely, the pull between the world and the self, between ''the actual'' with all its temptations of shallowness and distraction, and the private realm of the imagination with its dangers of solipsism and isolation.

Unfortunately for the reader, Mr. Bellow never really dramatizes the friendship of Ravelstein and Chick, never gives it the ballast of shared history the way he did, say, with Humboldt and Citrine in ''Humboldt's Gift. There are lots of ruminative digressions about everything from Rousseau's philosophy to ''the Jewish question,'' from the pleasures of Paris to the terrors and consolations of death, as well as some acutely observed cameo portraits of assorted acquaintances and friends, a classic Bellovian gallery of operators and smooth talkers that includes Rakhmiel Kogon, one of Ravelstein's former teachers, who looks like ''a nonbenevolent Santa Claus''; a former paratrooper turned professor named Battle, who enjoys departmental politics and making ''complex, bold, secret Machiavellian moves''; and Radu Grielescu, a Romanian fascist who would like to reinvent himself in the United States as an Old World gent with an interest in archaic history.

Compelling as many of these mini-portraits might be, they do not sustain the narrative of this novel, which increasingly devolves into a looping and repetitious monologue by Chick, chronicling Ravelstein's declining health and enumerating his own medical complaints and Herzogian problems with women.

By the end of the novel the charismatic Ravelstein no longer holds center stage, and as he is marginalized, the book loses its energy and focus, collapsing into a mere shell of a story -- a portrait in which the subject has disappeared from view. Bellow would have ended up with a better book and doubtless done better by his late friend had he simply written a straightforward memoir instead of trying, unsuccessfully, to pump up his reminiscences into a work of fiction. Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 2 January The Telegraph.

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Archived from the original on 24 October Retrieved 11 November The Desert Sun. Retrieved 10 January If they could group some items…in order of preference, that would be extremely helpful. Inside a registry: TheChristmasRegistry. Kids categories: Upon logging in, kids can search for Christmas wishes by category, which are represented by small illustrations. He added that registries are convenient for not only relatives, but for parents too. Parents of course.

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But some sites offer kids an interactive way to list their must-haves. Messages and ratings: Parents can act as Santa and write their children notes, as well as give them a naughty-or-nice ranking. Sending back: Upon logging in, children can see their naught-or-nice score as well as their note from Santa, and then write him back. The site also offers built-in online games and the capability to send emails to Santa aka: their parents, who can then write back under Santa's jolly guise. Ms Guido still finds the prospect of a gift registry for kids a bit out of hand.

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Big deal. Adding to the list: Children can scope out each category and add items, which are displayed without prices, to their wish list. Routed to parents: The kids' wishlists are then routed back to their parents' account, who can then purchase each item directly through the site or share the lists with friends.

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  6. Public restraint for parents who do spring for a registry might be key. She advises parents to refrain from posting the registries to social media sites and to only share them with the friends and family who ask.