RubyMotion: iOS Development with Ruby (The Pragmatic Programmers)

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With over forty practical recipes, you'll test desktop, web, mobile, and server applications across a variety of platforms. This book gives you tools that you can use today to automate any system that you encounter, and do it well. The Cucumber Book showed you how your team can work together to write executable specifications --documents that.. Make beautiful apps with beautiful code: use the elegant and concise Ruby programming language with RubyMotion to write truly native iOS apps with less code while having more fun.

You'll learn the essentials of creating great apps, and by the end of this book, you'll have built a fully functional API-driven app.

RubyMotion Crashing Samples

Whether you're a newcomer looking for an alternative to Objective-C or a hardened Rails veteran, RubyMotion allows you to create gorgeous apps with no compromise in performance or developer happiness. Developers interested in native iOS app development have been restricted to the limits of Objective-C and Xcode--until RubyMotion came along. Whether you need a new tool or just inspiration, Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks explores modern options, giving you a taste of each with ideas that will help you create better apps.

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    You can follow him on Twitter. RubyMotion is built on top of MacRuby. Obviously, RubyMotion allows you to do that. In terms of code, knowing MacRuby would make you feel right at home. Why not just learn the right tool for the job instead of making Ruby fit every single task? You learn more that way. Can you explain how MacRuby was modified to enable this? The most complicated data we store locally is a hash for each project with a name, id, etc.

    I tried out CoreData and MotionModel for an app experiment last July, and having to modify the schema inside of Xcode was a total pain. Does covering only iOS satisfy the majority of your demand for mobile versions of your apps? We move a step at a time. I am very curious about your gem! Try writting a Windows Phone 8 app. Will take you a tenth the time and uses an awesome interface and an intelligent markup system that is like HTML done right.

    Yes I know there are tools like mono-touch but you still have to build the GUI in xcode… yuk! I was also very excited when I saw RubyMotion. The hybrid approach is very pragmatic, but are you planning to move parts or the whole of it to native code? In the past week, I have been developing my Ruby gem lock-o-motion. All you have to do is adding the gem to the :lotion bundle group and run the app.

    LockOMotion will require all the sources and track the files dependencies for you. The gem is still in development, but I am able to require a few gems which are not RubyMotion aware. I think this might bring us a few steps closer for gems support within RubyMotion.

    21 Minutes to Developing a Todo List iOS App with Ruby using RubyMotion, RedPotion, and Core Data

    As a newbie, seeing. This allows the app to be deployed on any platform without extra effort. What do you think about the effort to port your app to another platform?

    Is it significant in your opinion? I battled with style as well.

    RubyMotion brings serious Ruby development to the iOS world | Programming Zen

    Not sure if this is the right place to post. Is there a way that I can bypass that? I came here because of your new book and now I can leave with something else in my pocket! Personally, I target Android first. Thanks for helping to re-instill the faith! Also objc needs header files which may seem foreign and unneccessary. This Ruby stuff sounds complicated to me! Avoid Xcode Working inside of Xcode and dealing with Interface Builder brought memories back of wiring up Visual Basic controls and suffering through Visual Studio crashes.