Poetry of Life: Written and Found Poems

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And it made sense when I thought of the inexplicable pains in my body, growing pains called energetic by my bodyworker.

Telling a Good Poem from a Bad One

The hard part is how vulnerable and unsure I can feel. The good part is mystics mapped this long ago. The thing is, I know my gifts and purpose. I know giving up is not an option. Magic happens.

How to Write a Poem (and Why This Will Help You Become a Better Writer)

So, I said, Yes. In answer, an article crossed my desk, written April 14, I live this. And yet, something was different. Palmer, author. Two large soft flat-breads, fresh chopped mushrooms folded in and on top, deeply savory. And for dessert — something I rarely do since my involuntary abstinence while in Africa this past December — a thick slice of pumpkin roulade cake with sweet-tart creme cheese frosting rolled in. All so beautiful, I thought Bread is a poem.

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I lingered in my car before pulling away. Four or five mountain bluebirds hopped about my moonscape front yard. A few more flew in. They always seem to fly in tiny flocks. I was reminded of the time I lived in the middle of undeveloped acres of NM desert. A ring of blue with russet chests. And I thought of the bluebird house we planted 10 ft.

Much to Write About

My son, Read complete story. Wind whistling, Snow glistening, We try not to, But we're all listening. It is amazing to hear such a beautiful poem with so much insight and knowledge concerning the way we stand in our world today from such a young person. Please keep your eyes open and keep Life and death; without one there cannot be the other. For some, it's short, but they live it like no other.

For most, it's long, and to be happy they don't ever bother. Life cannot be lived without the love of others. I found out last year that my best friend is dying. She's young and a mother to a beautiful little girl. She is smart, beautiful, and full of life. Watching someone I love die slowly has been All of my life I was living in a lie. It seems that my childhood has flown right by.

As a child, I grew up without a father, so I know how it feels to be left alone most night because mum had work. When I cried there was no shoulder to cry on. I miss my dad dearly, but I'm Menu Search Login Loving. Keep me logged in. Poems about Life Struggles Email Share. There are a few con-merchants around as well who offer to publish ones poems if they come up to the mark.

In this case the mark is if you are prepared to pay for the thrill of seeing your rubbish in print and people constantly fall for it. Thank you for your lovely post. It is one of the best I have read while browsing for similar posts. I like your style of putting the good ideas. To me, yes, poetry demands so much of precision and delicacy both in writing it and reading it that it can only be digested at leisure. And it takes great skill and art of detachment, wisdom and patience to make the feeling relevant to someone else.

With some kind of insight that is universal and even metaphysical.

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A good poem would bring out the out-of-the-box attitude, delivering it in the most effective and imaginative manner possible both language wise and idea-wise. Like a venture into how imaginative can one allow oneself to be. Excuse me, I am being Romantic here?

Poe and so many others.. Bad poetry, is just maybe unpolished and not yet refined drafts of what could be a good poem. But yes, the question of how far editing can kill the energy in it is another debate I think….. Enjoyed the article, as it mostly nailed the beast to the wall. Seamus Cooney proceeded to do amateurishly.

Beyond that it is up to the reader to like or dislike, but not assign labels. Without a public body of work, there is zero credentials to back up his opinions. Seamus Cooney proceed to do amateurishly. Rocky — Bad and somewhat borrowed. The Second Coming Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned;……….

Underdeveloped work is like a spine without the skinned wrapping.

Narrative Poetry

Very Freudian. I would encourage the author to give a second go around. Stab the best words and lines to act as a template to the piece. Lost and in love?

A good poem usually has a good idea or unique observation at its centre. The form of the poem is not important, but the words are everything and must be vivid and suggestive in the mind.

The fun of found poems

A bad poem is the opposite. It has a cliched and over-used idea and lacks any insight. The words might try hard to be profound but just come across as being pretentious. For example, Wordsworth, who is rated as one of the great poets, leaves me indifferent. So, what if the poetry is meant to be bad, horrific, grotesque, offensive, etc.??? If the evil or ill-intent shines through, is it still considered bad poetry? Or is that just well-written disgusting poetry?

taitiodiemo.tk Perhaps you might not even classify it as poetry, but just childish and demented ramblings.