Nothing Like a Brother

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Posted by Denette Wilford on April 4, Getty Images. Sure, they're half-sisters but there is zero resemblance between Ryan Reynolds' wife and sister-in-law. How are these two from the same parents?? She's all delicate features and he's scruff to the max even without the actual scruff.

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Their baby blues and dark hair are the only thing they share. They seem more like dude bros than actual bros. Both are gorgeous humans — but that's their only connection, appearance-wise. In fact, you might not have even known they were related. They're both gorgeous, super-talented actresses — but that's where the similarities end.

He looks more like the subject of one of her future chart-topping songs than her little brother.

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The Oscar nominee looks nothing like his big sis. Or their mom on the left. The two brothers co-founded their band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, but their affinity for music and not super-great fashion sense is where the commonalities end. Rumer is Demi's twin while Tallulah takes after dad Bruce. FYI, their middle sister, Scout, is a bit of both parents. The brothers may have all kinds of awards but look-alikes definitely isn't one of them.

OK, maybe they share a couple similar features though not signature bangs but that doesn't necessarily mean they can pass for siblings. And I mean absolutely nothing alike. I know some siblings that could literally swap faces and look like the same person, but here I am begging people to believe me that yes, she is truly my full sister.

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I promise we share the same mother and father. When my little sister and I would go to summer camps or after-school programs when we were little, literally every counselor or fellow student thought we were inseparable best friends.

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Nothing Like A Brother

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