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Natural historians began to draw connections between climates and the animals and plants adapted to them.

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One influential theory held that the biblical Ararat was striped with varying climatic zones, and as climate changed, the associated animals moved as well, eventually spreading to repopulate the globe. There was also the problem of an ever-expanding number of known species : for Kircher and earlier natural historians, there was little problem finding room for all known animal species in the ark.

Less than a century later, discoveries of new species made it increasingly difficult to justify a literal interpretation for the Ark story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Biblical flood myth. For other uses, see Deluge disambiguation. See also: Documentary hypothesis. Main article: Flood myth. See also: Biblical literalism , Biblical inerrancy , and Biblical infallibility. Main article: Noah in Islam. See also: Narrative criticism. Main articles: Flood geology and Scriptural geologist. Bible portal Judaism portal Christianity portal Islam portal.

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The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood

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