More than just a Hairdresser

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This notwithstanding, there are some peculiarities of the profession that only you and your hairdresser friends can understand. Stylists know way more than they should. You know it all.

15 Things You Should Never Say to Your Hairdresser

And not just that; there are also tears of joy and otherwise. What makes you a target for these disclosures? Secondly, you are a non-judgmental party who will not impose change on your client. For a hairdresser, most invitations lead to work.

Your day off work ends up with you giving hair color suggestions, to suggestion on who has a good forehead for a bang. There is always a random pair of shears or scissors at the bottom of your bag, which means longer conversations with the security officers at the airport explaining your beauty salon titbits. You will admit to this if you are perfectly honest. You get time off of work and decide to go watch a movie. Your life requires you to be on your feet for what feels like a million hours a day.

Sitting-even for a meal is a luxury. This makes a bathroom break one of the best times of your day. You get to sit for a few minutes and maybe even whip out your phone for two minutes of social media.

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The next best thing is styling their locks in your head. So you end up doing what most stylists do: try out imaginary hairstyles, colors, and cuts on total strangers. What can I do for you today?

HON than just an hairdresser!

Who did your hair the last time? Or why did you take too long to come back? Most people have a healthy fear of dentists. So why are you lying there wondering why the hygienist picked that awful color that makes her look ten years older?

Esthetic Services

This is until they tell you what hair formula you used at their last visit. Suddenly you can recall every detail of their treatment. But hairstylists take it a step further.

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Unfortunately, it becomes a battle to try and not say anything regarding the quality of products the shopper has picked out. A client calls in to say they will be ten minutes. Hairstylists — keen to squeeze in as many customers as possible — frequently run late. When hairstylists offer an extra special shampoo or conditioning treatment that lasts 30 minutes or more, it may well be because the salon is backed up, Loprete says. However, other stylists may overbook on purpose in an effort to make more money and then juggle clients and make people wait, she says.

Any wait time over 15 or 20 minutes is unacceptable, she says. Sometimes a longer shampoo session is masking a delayed appointment. Colour and hairstyling gone wrong can be an especially expensive mistake.

How to create a WordPress website for a hairdresser? – The Ark

For their part, hairdressers say they try to keep their clients happy — even if that includes a free cut. In most cases, Masterson says, the stylist will offer to fix the cut or colour at no additional charge. Hairdressers admit they take client defections personally. In , one hairstylist in Atlanta became so upset when a client went to a competitor that he got himself thrown in jail. Spot salon for a new do. Derek J.

16 things you’ll only know if you’ve been a hairdresser

Pledger was convicted of aggravated assault, reckless conduct and possession of a firearm and, in August , was sentenced to six months in prison, plus four years and six months on probation by Fulton County Superior Court. Pledger is back practising hairdressing and has his own salon in Austell, Ga. Of course, this is an extreme example of how things could go wrong; typically, customers quietly change salons with little fanfare.

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