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If something is too good to be true, then it probably is! This is just another money transfer scheme. FinServ are actually recruiting "money mules" to accept fraudulent transactions in their accounts. Money mule recruiters have come up with a new hook to get you involved in illegal money laundering - pretend it's to do with charity work. The fine print for this offer is in grey on the inside of the envelope! The promoter apparently expects 50, responses from nine countries. There is one each of a car, a kitchen and a savings account to be won.

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The letter warns that this promotion may be under different creative presentations. The various scams offer to give the lucky recipients winning lottery numbers, good luck charms to improve financial fortunes and ways to unlock the secrets of winning games of chance. But not for free of course! Gabriel claims to be an extra-lucid clairvoyant with paranormal phenomena. He personally knows your situation and has foreseen great monetary wins — but only if you purchase his magical talisman and good luck charms.

In fact, you are just a name on a mailing list. After starting up an online conversation with David71, he said his name was George Baranoski and asked her to chat with him on Facebook rather than the dating website. The great Australian dream of winning Lotto is what these scammers are banking on.

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If you are going to play lotto then stick with the government regulated system in Australia. You and I will be the only ones to know why you have deserved this Gift of Life. Scammers use Trojan and key logging viruses to capture customer online banking details. They need Australian bank accounts to launder the money through. Once you receive the money, you take your cut and pass the rest to a pre-arranged overseas destination. An email arrives in your inbox claiming that a major electronics manufacturer is trying word-of-mouth advertising to introduce its products.

This is a hoax email. There are various versions of this email offering electronic goods, crates of champagne, gift vouches and even cash. All you will get for your money is a booklet containing lists of prize draws, lotteries, contests and other promotions you can enter. Is this really good value for your money? GlobalIndusty Finance Group claims to be a finance company looking for part-time financial contractors. All you need to do is provide your bank account details. GlobalIndustry is actually recruiting "money mules" to accept fraudulent transactions in their accounts.

Will you receive your personal file? An offer of paid work for typing from your home computer can be very tempting, but beware — it could be another scam to actually take money from you! Three types of communication have been used in this elaborate scam involving a text message, a bogus website and an overseas call centre. Greenery Holiday out of Malaysia have rebranded in an attempt to scam again. Like a rich spicy dish, some scams keep repeating. Do not disregard. Read carefully. Reports of an international facebook lottery scam featuring a ficticious officer have been received by WA ScamNet.

You have been chosen. Helena might have a heart of gold in wanting to pay her mate a slice of the action, but we reckon you would be better off leaving this scam well alone. HRC state they will refund you money if you are dissatisfied with the report and will take your name off their mailing list. WA ScamNet suggests you take up their offer - it's the only worthwhile statement in this whole proposal!

Western Australians are receiving email notifications from Heritage Lottery International, United Kingdom, that they have won a cash prize. This email is an advance fee fraud email scam. If you respond, the scammers will start asking you for thousands of dollars in payments to release the money.


The equipment is branded "Denmark Audio" with sales people claiming it was left over from a "job" and they were told not to bring it back to their office. Stickers inside the equipment seen by Consumer Protection officers indicate the equipment was manufactured in China.

go here Hispanic Classic Lotto Program claims you are the winner in an international promotions program. This is an advance fee fraud and if you respond, you will be asked to send money to pay for fees and charges to access your winnings. The scammers may also use your personal details for criminal activity — including accessing your bank account.

Scammers have reached a new low with this vicious scam that threatens to kill people unless they give in to demands and pay thousands of dollars to an alleged assassin. Consumer Protection has received complaints from consumers who are being woken up in the early hours of the morning by overseas time-share touters. Unsolicited emails claim you have been pre-approved for a home or credit loan at a very low interest rate. It does not matter if you have a bad credit rating or history.

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It only takes 60 seconds to fill out the form, the email states. It then asks you to click onto a link. Ignore these emails. It is a scam. Your aura is in chromatic depression and only psychic soul mates Honorine and Gerald can help. What is chromatic depression? WA ScamNet has never heard of it but apparently it has something to do with the aura losing colour and becoming totally transparent. Poor aura! Obviously this is another useless psychic scam.

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This puppy scam hits victims twice! It advertises for husky or pomsky puppies but then also hits up the buyers for additional fees for insurances, vaccines and shipping. A Financial Services wants you to join their list of winners.

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Maybe they are hoping that if everybody falls for this rubbish, they will become billionaires themselves! The Holocaust is being used as a lure to steal money from the greedy in this version of an advance fee fraud scam. Well, for most people it does. ILS may have seven good reasons for you to send off your winning scratch cards or your credit card details but WA ScamNet has plenty of reasons to advise you not to.

That's the hook. The line above the headline says, "If your number is the winning number, we'll be able to announce: You are the winner … "That's the line. Where's the sinker? At least the contest rules advise that you could be sent additional offers and their mailing list is shared with other firms. Is the pen set really worth the money?

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We doubt it! Instant Cash project coordinator Jason Braun has a part-time position in his company to facilitate financial transactions. We all know looks can be deceiving and this letter is not an exception to the rule. Some cases you can count yourself lucky for someone always helping you to financial freedom - but if you have the team at IER or IEF on your side your luck has turned sour!

The vehicle, or its cash equivalent, is being offered in the latest lottery prize scam circulating by mail. Take away the flowery language and what have you got? And white gold plating is, well, plating that will rub off in time. Just fill out claim form number C Inspector number 17 who personally seals the envelopes will be looking for another job as WA ScamNet will continue to expose their scam. That seems to be the motto of the con artists behind this latest Rossi Milano wallet rort. IEA may claim their letter is an official awards communication but we know its just another scam letter.

This mail-out is just about flogging leather goods through the mail. If you really are interested in getting a Fernando Dalie product — check the Internet where we found at least one site selling the same product without the hogwash. Consumers are receiving emails and letters claiming they have won money in the La Primitiva or Primitiva lottery, promotion or sweepstake.

Advance fee frauds are very sophisticated operations and the operators are experts in convincing victims that they are legitimate. The letter from Ontario, Canada notifies: Misleading advertising material like this, if published in Australia, would attract the attention of consumer protection agencies. Customers would be able to get help with any claim. Your particulars can be sold to similar companies for their "sucker lists". It is up to you to guard your personal information from misuse.