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The article was published in From the s onwards, Dutch artist M.

Escher produced many drawings featuring paradoxes of perspective gradually working towards impossible objects. He produced many further drawings featuring impossible objects, sometimes with the entire drawing being an impossible object. Waterfall and Belvedere are good examples of impossible constructions. His work did much to draw the attention of the public to impossible objects. Farkas , Mathieu Hamaekers , and Kokichi Sugihara.

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Although possible to represent in two dimensions, it is not geometrically possible for such an object to exist in the physical world. However some models of impossible objects have been constructed, such that when they are viewed from a very specific point, the illusion is maintained.

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Rotating the object or changing the viewpoint breaks the illusion, and therefore many of these models rely on forced perspective or having parts of the model appearing to be further or closer than they actually are. The notion of an "interactive impossible object" is an impossible object that can be viewed from any angle without breaking the illusion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Classification of impossible objects.

Type of optical illusion. For John Frankenheimer's film, see Impossible Object. For the independent rock band, see The Impossible Shapes.


Examples of impossible objects. An impossible cube.

Penrose stairs. Penrose triangle. Impossible trident. Mathematics portal Psychology portal Visual arts portal. Retrieved 11 February In Schattschneider, D.

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