I Don’t Want To Cry Anymore: Finding Hope for the Emotional Abused Woman

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Symptoms of Emotional Neglect

This fume sensitivity got worse and worse and by twenty-eight I was afraid to go anywhere with lots of people because I knew I would get sick from the plethora of chemical odors that would come with a mob of people. At the age of twenty-four I was introduced to hypnosis and consciousness techniques to delve into my own subconscious.

At twenty-five I embraced these techniques as the center of my life for a while and uncovered tremendous amounts of information about myself I had previously not known. On the surface it looked like I was falling apart because I became incredibly depressed, dark and anti-social. By twenty-nine I was generally terrified of leaving the house to go to a social gathering, convinced it would only make me miserable.

My fume sensitivities abated a little by having moved out of the city and into a home with a generally clean environment. At the very least, I no longer get migraines from brief exposure to wood smoke. Nevertheless, at the age of thirty I am still impacted by many, many residues of my childhood. My general life-long inactivity has, not surprisingly, now led me to back pain and joint pain.

Like many others here, this helps me understand myself, and the very peculiar dichotomy between my only brother and myself; Mike is one year younger.

The Saddest Breakup Songs Of All Time

Our parents divorced when we were young, and neither parent was nor is especially warm or nurturing. My brother and I were never especially close, nor were we greatly estranged; then as now, we are more like close acquaintances than anything else. In most ways, we are either total opposites, or virtual twins. Neither of us have any children, nor want any. He is straight, and has lived with the only girlfriend he has ever had for 37 years.

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Obviously, my brother and I are both deeply affected by our shared past;neither of us is able to properly bond within a close personal relationship. The irony in this, however, is that while I cannot say for certain, my impression is that he is as uninterested as I in effecting much change in the way we each live our lives. This pattern was set long ago, and there seems to be no real reason to either of us to seek change.

Frankly, what would be the purpose? It would seem that neither of us stands to gain anything by it. Pingback: Substance-abuse doc says: Stop chasing the drug! Focus on ACEs. Stop Abuse Campaign. My ACE score is 6. My resilience score 9. In the last 3. Countless operations and now medication dependent to stay alive. However I am very grateful to be alive and am embracing my latest rock bottom to really make permanent and fundamental changes to my life. I have already started.

Time to release and truly heal rather than the continuous fight…. Thank you for sharing your story. Despite what occurred to you, your fighting to keep going forward is an inspiration to me. I wish you peace and happiness in your journey.

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Thanks for sharing I recommend you watch the documentary what the health and read the book How Not To Die. I have a score of 9. I have a lot of health issues at the age of Migraines, body aches, and anxiety all the time. Mentally, I am always on edge, but I have been able to put myself through college and I now work at a Fortune company and followed my dreams.

I had an abusive mother. I was the oldest daughter of 6 children. I was raised to be the man because my mother lost her family money with her many Inappropriate relationships. There were a lot of beating and stress. I started out w health problems The same way everyone else did feeling powerless I was lucky I was a good talker and salesman And working makes you evolve. Other people not your family tell you that you are smart strong wonderful Still I got manipulated by men who needed someone to pay their bills.

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  6. Until I completely broke ties with my manipulative mother who continued to drain me financially I was not mentally healthy. She reinforced that broken record in my brain I also take a supplement called pregnenolone It lowers cortisol and BP in less than 10 minutes. In pretty good health. To release the demons you have to get rid of the voices. Sorry it took me so long.

    When All Hope Is Gone – Dr. Charles Stanley

    I have friends I help in the health and financial industry. I have multiple licensure. I am blessed But feel sad sometimes too. What is normal? Trust me , in the end no one has a normal like. We all take twists and turns. Hi kay, I have an ACE score of 10!!! Kay, I hear you. I bit a glass thermometer as a toddler while at a daycare where I was left alone with the bit of glass in my mouth to fend for myself and had to have the mercury pumped from my stomach and glass picked from my teeth.

    The good news is that you CAN change things. At the age of twenty I began making huge strides. By converting to a high-vegetable, high-fruit, diet that omitted animal products, refined foods and even cooked foods, my energy levels sky-rocketed. I researched nutrition and biological health increasingly from age sixteen to age twenty-six, and then mostly switched to over to learning about psychology and hypnosis from there.

    I highly recommend reading the two books I mentioned above as well as The Plant Paradox. Completely omitting foods that are a problem for you can make such a huge, huge difference and make it so much easier to get into a healthy frame of mind. I also had issues with cavities. My dentist confirmed that I had no decay anymore in my mouth and even plaque has stopped forming.


    A Diary of Toxic Love

    I hope some of this information gives you hope. You will heal! Just set your mind to it and keep seeking inspiration and stories of healing every day. It is so beneficial to be inspired and to learn in that state of awe and hope!

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    Kay, I admire your resilience and your courage so much. Your comment stuck out to me because some of your symptoms were also my symptoms.

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    I am sure your health care provider has tested you for this, but if not, have you considered being tested for celiac disease? The ACE questionnaire gives a very sexist view of domestic violence. My mother was the aggressor and abuser in my household. The phrasing of the question that includes only a mother or stepmother being victimized invalidates the experience of many taking this test.