Furys Kiss (Dorina Basarab Book 3)

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Really Loved It. Would read more by author.

Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance Book Trailer

Possibly DNF and a torturous read. Cannot imagine anyone liking. Might also be just an "uploaded" word spew or collection that should not be dignified by calling itself a "published book. Or maybe author should take remedial classes for language written in until basic concepts like using sentences sink in. Is author even old enough to sign a publishing contract or do they need a legal guardian to sign for them?

Currently reading. It took away from the book just a little book, because I disliked being so constantly confused, but, overall, the book was amazing.

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Her books are so amazing. And Ray grabbed my gun and went ballistic on something on the wall over our heads.

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Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab #3)

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I suppose life gets in the way every now and then. Today, I want to Hi, everyone! Welcome back to our weekly hopefully discussion post! This week I want to discuss how to get ARCs, how much is too much, Ray was as humorous as ever, and Claire and the Fey always make it interesting. It was a little confusing to read at times, but it does all come together really well in the end.

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For more information on the timeline of the Dorina Basarab Series and the Cassandra Palmer Series and associated short stories please follow this link. It is book 2 in the Dorina Basarab Series. Dory has decided to work with her father Mircea on his task force for the North American Vampire Senate. The task force has been designed to crack down on smugglers, attempting to bring illegal items from the Fey world into ours.

Dory has been finding the job easy. It almost seems a little too easy. Unfortunately her job is about to get a whole lot harder.

While bringing in a vamp wanted for smuggling and the way she does this is just gross and and all kinds of hilarious in itself , Dory realises that her perp is a witness in a very important matter. A Fey rune has gone missing and it seems that her perp Ray has got info on its whereabouts. He needs the rune in order to regain custody of his eccentric vampire mistress Christine. And then people start dying, adding more pressure on Dory to find the rune, before someone horrible finds it, or before she ends up dead. And what the hell is she going to do about Louis-Cesare?

vablessbilero.tk I loved this novel. I love that her stories are so involved and you have to pay attention. I find it exciting that there are layers within her stories, there is so much to unravel and discover. It is book 1 in the Dorina Basarab Series. As this series ties in with the Cassandra Palmer Series it may be wise to avoid reading these reviews on the Dorina Basarab Series if you are wanting to read that series completely spoiler free.


Dorina she prefers to be called Dory is a dhampir. That is, she is half-human, half-vampire. Dhampirs are wildly unpredictable creatures, and few are ever born, let alone allowed to survive, and especially not as long as Dorina has. Dhampirs suffer from uncontrollable violent rages.