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There have been no slaves in the Seven Kingdoms for thousands of years. You will do great harm to your cause, and to the honour of your House.

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There was never a slave who did not choose to be a slave. Their choice may be between bondage and death, but the choice is always there. This arrogant child has taken it upon herself to smash the slave trade, but that traffic was never confined to Slaver's Bay.

It was part of the sea of trade that spanned the world, and the dragon queen has clouded the water. Xaro: We curse the rain when it falls upon our heads, yet without it we should starve. The world needs rain You make a face, but it is true.

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Consider Qarth. In art, music, magic , trade, all that makes us more than beasts, Qarth sits above the rest of mankind as you sit at the summit of this pyramid Ask yourself, if all men must grub in the dirt for food, how shall any man lift his eyes to contemplate the stars?

If each of us must break his back to build a hovel, who shall raise the temples to glorify the gods? For some men to be great, others must be enslaved. Daenerys: Slavery is not the same as rain. I have been rained on and I have been sold. It is not the same. No man wants to be owned.

Yezzan's slaves ate better than many peasants back in the Seven Kingdoms and were less likely to starve to death come winter. Slaves were chattel, aye.

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They could be bought and sold, whipped and branded, used for carnal pleasure of their owners, bred to make more slaves. In that sense they were no more than dogs or horses. But most lords treated their dogs and horses well enough.


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Proud men might shout that they would sooner die free than live as slaves, but pride was cheap. When the steel struck the flint, such men were as rare as dragon's teeth; elsewise the world would not have been so full of slaves. His pets, thought Tyrion. And he loved us so much that he sent us to the pit , to be devoured by lions. Jump to: navigation , search. Lot ninety-seven … A pair of dwarfs, well trained for your amusement. Martin's fantasy epic borrows heavily from European history.

I mean, if you make Ireland a little bigger, flip it around, and stick it to the bottom of England Maester Martin isn't hiding this, either: he's said that " fantasy and historical novels are twins ," in his opinion. He believes that all fantasy is historical fantasy, to some extent, and most of the major arcs in A Song of Ice and Fire are pulled straight from English history. Martin just cranks them up to eleven and adds dragons.

So here are just a few of the bloody, true stories from history that went into the making of the Game of Thrones books.

Much like in real life, Martin's world is full of complex politics and family drama, against a backdrop of ancient myth and legend. The only real difference is that in his world, all those ancient myths about fair folk and fire-breathing lizards turn out to be true and also the seasons are weird and some people have purple eyes. But if you strip away all of the ice zombies, and the off-brand hobbits and the baby dragons and the prophecies and blood magic, you get a pretty clear mash-up of some pretty wild history:.

The war was generations-long and fairly complicated especially since everyone in English history has one of three names , but it boiled down to a fight for the English throne between the Lancasters Lannisters and the Yorks Starks , complete with boy kings, scheming mothers, a duty-bound "hand of the king," and a royal growing up in far off Europe with a claim to the throne little Daenerys and her jerk brother.

Before the Targaryens brought their dragons to Fantasy England, they were part of a vast empire over in the Fantasy Mediterranean. Old Valyria bears a striking resemblance to the Roman Empire: both were technically "republics," both empires enslaved people from all across Fantasy Europe and the Fantasy Middle East, both arose on a peninsula in a warm climate, both built roads and buildings with wildly advanced technology for their time, and both eventually collapsed, leading to centuries of conflict.

In real history, of course, there were a whole mess of different factors that led to the fall of Rome, like invasions and over-reliance on slave labor and too much military spending.

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But in Martin's world, Valyria just kind of goes up in flames. It's destroyed in a single, natural cataclysm.

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This volcanic destruction pulls from real world events like the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which completely buried the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in burning ash. More recently, there was the loss of the Pink and White Terraces, two natural wonders of New Zealand that were buried in the eruption of Mount Tarawera and only just rediscovered. Yes, the Red Wedding is indeed based on a true story — two true stories, to be exact, and both of them in Scotland.

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That too. Mel felt the weight of the world upon her shoulders; she had to ensure that Westeros united behind the Chosen One in time to keep the darkness at bay. After her failure with Stannis, she began seeking a replacement. She thought it might be Jon Snow , but her exile from the North for killing Shireen see: a different barbecue made her consider other options. Perhaps a combination of Jon and Dany working in tandem? Other red priestesses in Volantis and Meereen had preached that it was Dany all along.

Melisandre encouraged the Khaleesi to meet with the King in the North. Afterward, she told Varys that she had done her part — she had brought ice and fire together. She clearly knew the time and place to be for the battle.