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Febreze keeps away odors so you can wear your clothing several times during your trip. We recommend decanting it into a smaller one-ounce bottle.

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Here are six dirty little secrets travelers use on how to make clothes smell fresh on the go! One of the best ways to keep your unwashed clothes separate from your clean ones is to use bags for dirty clothes. Bagail Mesh Laundry Bags.

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If you fancy yourself a color coordinating fanatic, then Bagail Mesh Laundry Bags are for you. You can use this travel dirty clothes bag system to store and separate your clothes—there is a black bag for your dark clothes and four white bags for light colored clothes. Being able to see through the mesh makes it easy to tell what is where, and the breathable fabric means your clothes will protect your delicates. Plus, you can throw the bags right into the washing machine!

Use a capsule wardrobe to pack light but create many outfits. Learn more in my guide! Scrubba Wash Bag. The Scrubba Wash Bag is not only one of the best laundry bags for travel, but it also washes clothes! You can use this clean dirty laundry travel bag to ensure that you never run out of clothes by doing your laundry using a quick-and-easy method.

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Just add soap! Learn how to hand wash clothing while traveling. We talk about using the Scrubba Wash Bag, too! Mimica Laundry Bag.

The Miamica is a lightweight, microfibre bag that conveniently separates the dirty from the clean. You can hang this bag for dirty clothes on the back of the bathroom door or any door of your accommodations and put in your dirty laundry.

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Laundry is taken care of. Mziart Collapsible Laundry Hamper. If you need to take care of your dirty clothes, packing a dirty laundry bag hamper in your bag can make it much easier to store your bulky, unclean clothes.

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Person 1: Have you read Dirty Laundry? Person 2: Abuelita is coming Person 1: I am going to assume you have.

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