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Virgil, Aeneid, 4.1–299

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Michele had a passion for fashion, style and beauty. After graduating from high school she was determined to become part of the industry she loved so much and decided to open the first of several beauty salons she would eventually own It almost gives you the confidence to stand toe to toe with some of the egos in the room"-- Rah Ali.

The buzz of her arrival into New York grew almost overnight, causing the attention of several music television networks Buy A la recherche du temps perdu from the Telegraph Bookshop. Banned in Britain and America for its depiction of female masturbation, Joyce's Ulysses takes its scatological stand at the pinnacle of modernist literature. Lyrical and witty, its stream-of-consciousness narration deters many, but makes enraptured enthusiasts of others.

Buy Ulysses from the Telegraph Bookshop.

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A sparse, masculine, world-weary meditation on death, ideology and the savagery of war in general, and the Spanish civil war in particular. A poignant, ironic study of the disintegration of aristocratic values in the face of blank bureaucracy and Second World War butchery, Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen and Unconditional Surrender are Waugh's crowning achievements. Buy Sword of Honour trilogy from the Telegraph Bookshop. We first meet Harry 'Rabbit' Angstrom in Rabbit, Run, as a boorish, unhappy former basketball jock who runs from and to his pregnant wife. The novels that follow cover 30 years and make up the great study of American manhood.

Buy Rabbit series from the Telegraph Bookshop. Morrison brought to life a version of the slave narrative that has become a classic.

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Her tour de force of guilt, abandonment and revenge plays out against the background of pre-emancipation American life. Buy Beloved from the Telegraph Bookshop. Roth's brilliant, angry dissection of race, disgrace and hypocrisy in Clinton-Lewinsky era America brings to a close his grand and meticulous American trilogy American Pastoral, I Married a Communist.

Cornish estate owner Maximilian de Winter's second wife — also the nameless narrator — is haunted by the housekeeper's oppressive worship of her predecessor, Rebecca. A masterful tale of suspense. Buy Rebecca from the Telegraph Bookshop. Malory's yarn explores the possibility that chivalry is best revealed by a knight's loyalty to his fellow knights, and not simply his devotion to a woman. Paris in the 18th century: the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont concoct a scheme of seduction to entrap members of the aristocracy.

Their roguish machinations lead to their climactic undoing. An invented autobiographical account of Claudius, the fourth emperor of ancient Rome. Graves draws upon the historical texts of Tacitus and Suetonius to write Claudius's story after claiming a visitation from the ancient ruler in his dreams.

Buy I, Claudius from the Telegraph Bookshop. Renault transports readers to Ancient Greece in a historical trilogy that presents the life and legacy of Alexander the Great in a humanising fictional portrait. Buy Alexander Trilogy from the Telegraph Bookshop. The novel follows Aubrey's convincing and complex friendship with Maturin, the ship's surgeon, as they fight enemies and storms. Buy Master and Commander from the Telegraph Bookshop. Scarlett O'Hara manipulates her way through the American civil war.

This selfish, but gutsy heroine idealises the unattainable Ashley before realising her love for her third husband, Rhett, who dismisses her with, 'My dear, I don't give a damn. Yuri Zhivago loves two women, his wife, Tonya, and the captivating Lara. Pasternak juxtaposes romance with the stark brutality of the Russian civil war in this extraordinary historical epic.

Buy Dr Zhivago from the Telegraph Bookshop. Disgraced by an illegitimate child, Tess is tainted with shame and guilt, which destroys her marriage to Angel Clare.

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She emerges as a tragic heroine, incapable of escaping the hypocrisy of Victorian society. A collection of novels inspired by the Plantagenet dynasty. Jean Plaidy is one of the many noms de plume of Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert, the celebrated historical fiction writer, who died in Four children sail to Wildcat Island, where they encounter a rival camping party then join forces to hunt treasure. Robinson Crusoe meets The Famous Five in a tale of sailing and ginger beer.

Buy Swallows and Amazons from the Telegraph Bookshop. The novel uses Christian iconography in Aslan's dramatic sacrifice and resurrection. Edmund's transition from self-interested schoolboy to heroic young man is also resonantly spiritual. Frodo and friends journey to Mordor to destroy the ring, making the young Hobbit one of the greatest fictional heroes of all time. More than million copies have been sold of the trilogy that brought fantasy to a mainstream literary audience.

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Will is a boy from Oxford. Lyra is a girl from Oxford in a parallel world. Together they have an epic adventure spanning parallel universes. The trilogy has inspired criticism for being heretical — Pullman himself declared the books were about 'killing God'. Babar brings clothes and cars and Madame from Paris to his African kingdom. With his family and the wise Cornelius by his side, Babar protects his land from the Rhino King Rataxes. The big, beautiful books are enriched by Brunhoff's wonderful illustrations. Buy Babar from the Telegraph Bookshop.

Milne created a life philosophy with the trials, triumphs and tiddley-poms of the honey-loving, always kind-hearted Pooh. Buy Winnie-the-Pooh from the Telegraph Bookshop.

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The boy wizard's dealings with the forces of adolescence and evil have sold more than million books in 65 languages. The Harry Potter phenomenon has its detractors, but the success of special 'grown-up' covers, allowing commuters to read Rowling without shame, tells its own tale. Buy Harry Potter from the Telegraph Bookshop. Lonely and miserable trying to clean his hole, Mole ventures outside.

He meets Ratty, Toad and Badger, and embarks on a new life defending Toad Hall from the weasels, protecting Toad from himself and messing about in boats. The piratical coming of age of Jim Hawkins, who discovers a map of Treasure Island among an old sea captain's possessions — and then follows it. Parrots, 'pieces of eight' and the lovable, but morally ambiguous Long John Silver. Buy Treasure Island from the Telegraph Bookshop. The great genius of Shelley's novel has often been overwhelmed by images of schlocky bolt-necked 'Frankensteins'.

Buy Frankenstein from the Telegraph Bookshop. Among the deep-sea volcanoes, shoals of swirling fish, giant squid and sharks, Captain Nemo steers the Nautilus. Nemo is the renegade scientist par excellence, a man madly inventive in his quest for revenge. A seminal work of dystopian fiction, Wells's tale of the voyages of the Time Traveller in the distant future AD, is also a cracking adventure story.

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So persuasive and chilling was the world summoned up here that 'Orwellian' has entered the language as shorthand for government control. Chilling, wry and romantic, it is above all a passionate cry for freedom. Buy from the Telegraph Bookshop.