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A report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD , a coalition of 36 countries across the globe, has revealed that half of all jobs will be substantially changed by technology within the next two decades. In this time frame, the OECD predicts that 14 percent of jobs will be completely automated, while 32 percent of jobs will be significantly different than they are today. According to the research, the technological transformation of jobs will not necessarily mean that there will be less jobs available, but that new jobs will require updated skills.

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The number of highly-skilled jobs which require information and communications technology ICT experience has increased by 25 percent over the last 20 years. However, only six out of 10 adults currently have ICT training. The OECD says that a robust adult training program is critical to help workers adapt to the changing workforce.

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  • Measures should include removing time and financial constraints to participation in training, making training rights portable, and providing quality information and counseling. Some policy makers have even proposed what is known as a Universal Basic Income, which would be given to all citizens, to ease the burden of an automated future.

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    The money would allow workers to seek additional training for new jobs and provide support for those in positions that will become obsolete. Benefit entitlements should be made portable across jobs and targeted social protection measures complemented with more universal and unconditional support.

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