An Alexander Technique Approach to Inspired Musical Performance

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Self Study

I want to help you understand and utilize this Technique for yourself, with all its amazing benefits. You will leave these workshops with practical application methods and practices that you can use on your own right away. In these workshops, you'll receive group instruction as well as individualized help in carrying out those instructions. You will learn to release stress and tension in the basic motion of common activities such as sitting, standing, walking, breathing and using your arms and hands.

We'll also look at how to undo excess stress and tension for specialized skills and interests of the individual participants. Take either one or both workshops! The Alexander Technique is a cumulative education and experience.

Blogs by Alexander Technique Teachers

Taking a second workshop will build on what you have learned in the first workshop, giving you an advanced understanding and physical experience and even greater improvement. In order to allow for individual attention and individual guidance, workshop size is limited.

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Register soon to ensure your space in the workshop. Register at: www.


Click here to register: www. Sign up here to be on the Las Vegas Alexander Technique mailing list to be notified of future workshops: www. Here's an easy to read news article that sums up the results of the study showing the benefit of learning the Alexander Technique to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain:. She's quite a busy person outside of weather news anchoring, doing what she can to help the planet, and the animals and people on it, so I hadn't seen her since her first lesson.

The Alexander Technique: First Lesson

I just got her call on Monday about filming this morning at my office. Even with a busy teaching day on Tuesday, I was able to contact 4 of my delightful students who were happy to come in and be interviewed! It'll be a 3 minute segment. NBC said it would air sometime between - pm. It might also be on the 4pm news depending on how much news happens tomorrow!

Those of you who aren't in the San Diego area may be able to see it live streaming on the NBC San Diego 7 website or their Facebook page though I'm not sure exactly where to find that live streaming link. What an exciting morning this was!

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The 4 students that came and told their stories to on camera are all excellent musicians. They all brought their instruments, so NBC will likely have a much longer segment that will go up on their website nbcsandiego. Demonstrating how a easy exhale along with a release up can be an antidote to performance anxiety and also be used to help you be present and connected anytime you're communicating with people - even when just shaking hands.

Spinal thought The two latissimus dorsi muscles are an important set of muscles contributing to the effective use of the arms and assisting in lifting, car The arms gets its strength largely from these muscle. Muscles have more strength when they are allowed to operate from an optimum released length, neither shortened by over-contraction not through collapse. Alexander Technique — Learning Effortlessness by Franis Engel, a teacher in Hawaii, features articles and posts that reflect cutting-edge AT ideas, many influenced by the late Marjorie Barstow.

She writes about her own journey and other ideas about the Alexander Technique and her philosophy of self kindness. The Alexander Technique Guild of Ohio features blogs from a variety of Alexander Technique teachers, and occasionally from AT students too, on a range of related topics. Way Opens by Amy Ward Brimmer, a teacher in Newtown, PA contains posts exploring the benefits of the Alexander technique and the process of teaching and learning it, as well as related discoveries and studio events.

Alexander Technique Philadelphia by Ariel Weiss, a teacher in Philadelphia, PA explores the relationship between dynamic thinking and dynamic moving from her investigations with her students as they apply Alexander principles to a wide range of activities. Embodied Thoughts by Paul Marsh, a teacher in Scotland, includes a mix of personal reflections and how-to articles on applying the technique to different aspects of life.

Forward and Up! Mornum Time — a blog for teachers and students of the Alexander Technique by Jerry Sontag, a teacher and training course director in Berkeley, California. It provides a forum to discuss questions about teaching and learning. The Posture Police Blotter by Lindsay Newitter, a teacher in New York City, is blowing the whistle on what good posture really is while employing humor, insight, and a hint of the absurd to examine topics, articles, videos, as well as images she captures around the city.

SMART is an acronym well known to anyone who has ever set business goals. The concept dates back to the s and states that every objective should be Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-related. Over the years, the acronym has been applied to many different subjects with changes to some or all of the five words. Since runners are generally smart people with a thirst for fresh ideas, why not apply SMART principles to your ongoing quest to keep running successfully, enjoyably and effectively?

Self Study – Alexander Technique Express

The idea that an everyday run is a chance to perform with skill and grace is barely considered by most runners. Instead, we continue our habitual patterns of daily movement — the slouch, the tense neck, the hunched shoulders — when we lace up our trainers. There is pleasure in running skilfully: perhaps floating rather than pounding on the treadmill; gliding slowly and elegantly through the park; or climbing a hill with effortless ease, your body finding the perfect angle as you lean gently into the slope, your knees popping up with every stride and your arms moving rhythmically in sync with your legs.