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But that's what Tegan Devine at Devine Drama and Dance and her students are trying to change as they prepare for their senior play this weekend, titled Moments from a Teenlife. Tegan, the principal at the Yeppoon performing arts school, said she and her students had been workshopping ideas for the play since the beginning of the year. The play is broken into different chapters, each shining the spotlight on teenage issues common today.

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Tegan said she and the students hoped teenagers watching could relate to the stories and feel encouraged to be themselves. News A house party celebrating the end of high school descended into pandemonium when gatecrashers attempted to rush the venue, allegedly stabbing two people.

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News A Queensland man will take on the State Government after he was told the lives of his beloved pet crocodiles were hanging in the balance. AFL Big big sound? More like a popgun. They were instead sat on their backside. Jon Anderson reveals the key moments that shaped the decider. News No more money for the levee means a change of plans is on the cards.

5 Steps to a Solid Acting Career Business Plan & Reality Check for Actors

Track down a copy of the actors' directory, Spotlight spotlight. That in itself should put you off. But if it doesn't, you'll soon see which are the better agencies. Your initial approach should be concise, with a decent mugshot attached. If you're involved in a show, however humble, it's always good to mention because it gives them something to come and see. Don't add lots of pointless credits to bulk out your resume Baby Bear in Goldilocks with the Beaconsfield Dramatic Society Pantomime in as it will only mark you as desperate. The business is oiled by whom you know, and thus the most likely source of employment is meeting possible employers and future allies in unlikely circumstances.

In between jobs, do all you can to put yourself about and keep your skills sharp.

When the going gets tough

If there's a something going on in a pub or a workshop, or even a rehearsed reading, take it - you never know who might be watching or participating. I've lost count of the gigs I've got through meeting directors and actors who've remembered me, sometimes months or years later when they're in a position to offer paid employment.

The Actors Centre in Tower Street, central London, is a great place to keep your hand in - for a modest subscription they offer a dizzying range of classes, workshops and projects in every facet of acting, from voice, movement, audition technique, working on TV, singing in musicals: plus you never know who you're going to meet in class or in the canteen. The service is open to all. In other words, stay busy.

Inertia is the biggest enemy of both your skill and your drive to find work. The defining difference between amateur actors and professionals is not, as some might believe, talent I know some fine amateurs and some shocking pros , but that pros are prepared to cope with the nightmare of not knowing where the next pay cheque is coming from.

Penury undermines the most burning enthusiasm, so do anything within reason to keep some money coming in. Plenty of thesps I know work part-time in box offices, or as ushers, or even backstage. It also keeps you vaguely in the swim as regards what's happening and where.

Do the contestants on a show like Survivor count as working actors?

Any job that allows you time to accept last-minute auditions is worth its wait in gold - temping work, office receptionist etc - so a knowledge of a PC and a winning smile are useful skills in staving off the bailiffs. Waiting tables and pub work, too, might allow you the flexibility you need to pursue job auditions when the phonecall comes.

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  8. Above all, find out what's going on and where. What productions are being cast? What plays are being lined up? Who's directing what and when?

    If you know the plays in question and which parts you might be suitable for, you can target your begging letter for maximum impact. As well as trawling the internet, Production and Casting Report PCR is a good investment if you can afford it - a regular digest of what's being lined up in the business pcrnewsletter.

    In the meantime, swimming, running, yoga - all the old standbys will keep you feeling good about yourself and give you the energy and optimism to get up the next morning and begin the battle afresh. Go to see plays whenever you can - it can be expensive, but there are always good deals and cheap seats if you know where to look and who to ask. It's also a great source of potential material for your own audition pieces. Finally, be honest with yourself as to how you're coping.

    The best rule of thumb I know about how I'm dealing with unemployment is how early each day I switch on the television. If I find myself watching re-runs of Cash in the Attic at 10am, I know it's time I took hold of myself.

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    The only thing you can influence in auditions is your own readiness. So be prepared.

    Actors’ Reality Check & 5 Steps to a Solid Acting Career Business Plan

    Choose your pieces carefully and look for speeches that the casting director won't have heard ten thousand times already. You may think you can do "To be or not to be" more inspirationally than anyone in history, but you will be up against the stiffest possible competition. Learn them thoroughly enough that you won't be stopped dead in your tracks by distractions such as someone's mobile phone ringing mid-sentence. Make sure you know the names of the individuals who are interviewing you.

    Research the project you're being seen for so you can talk intelligently about it if asked.

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    And don't be late. If much of this sounds obvious, you'd be surprised at how many auditionees don't bother with even the most basic preparation. Most actors don't quit the business: the business quits them. The most common complaint about the acting game is that the profession is unfair. It isn't: but it is indifferent. It gives everything to some, and nothing to others, and it's not going to explain why.