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People have been dancing around maypoles on Midsummer Day since the 16th century. Folk dances and ring dances around the maypole are part of the Midsummer Day festivities. Singing is also part of a traditional Midsummer Day feast. People sing while they drink cold beer and spiced schnapps. Midsummer is considered a romantic time of year, and many weddings take place. Girls pick flowers on their way home from Midsummer celebrations and put the flowers under their pillows to see if their future husbands will appear in their dreams. Many people end their Midsummer Day festivities by stopping at an outdoor dance on the way home.

Pooh and Piglet walked home thoughtfully together in the golden evening, and for a long time they were silent I'm pleased to see you on the finest day of the year. We're quite lucky to have so many radiant hours to spend giving thanks for our magnificent father. Light is a dear gift in this transitive world, after all, hah hah hah!

Summer Solstice

June -. July -. Midsummer's Day in Wednesday, 24 Jun. Midsummer Day History Midsummer Day represents the high point of summer and the longest day of the year. In the News and Trending for Midsummer Day. Branches from birch trees are placed around the front door to the home, welcoming guests.

Midsummer’s Day – Mysterious Britain & Ireland

In Latvia, couples hold hands and jump over a bonfire to seal their bind with the magical force. Midsummer is the time of the summer solstice , in the northern hemisphere this festival varies between June 21 and 24 depending on which specific geographical locale The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.

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Midsummer is a peak time for the Nordic nations to get sunlight, they have days that eclipse nights. It is also one of the warmest times a year and allows access to many remote places that aren't accessible during the long snowy winter months. Eat, drink and be merry.

Get married! Like Whitsun Midsummer is a very popular time of year for weddings. Despite not being very religious, the Swedish love a big wedding.

Pick seven different types of flower. If you're a woman, Midsummer is said to be a time when future husbands are revealed if you place flowers under your pillow.

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Read some magical literature to celebrate pagan history. EU Country National Holidays. Wed 1. Mon 6. Fri Mon Tue Sat 8. Sun Mon 2. Tue 3. Wed Lithuania: Indep. Thu Thu 9. Sat Italy: Liberation Day Festa della Liberazione.

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Midsummer's Day - June 24th

Portugal: Freedom Day Dia da Liberdade. Netherlands: King's Day Koningsdag. Fri 1. Sun 3. Poland: Constitution Day Trzeciego Maja. Mon 4. Tue 5.

Netherlands: Liberation Day Bevrijdingsdag. Wed 6. Fri 8. Sat 9. Mon 1. Belgium: Pentecost Monday Pinkstermaandag.

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